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Scan International provides consultancy of Value Added Tax (VAT) to our clients based on the nature of their business, as well as in regard to the legal requirements and policies.

Our Services

We specialise in finding roles for corporate banking and investment banking professionals, financial analysts including business analytics, credit analysts, equity analysts, risk management, audit and operations

VAT Consultancy & VAT Assessment

Scan International provide consultancy of Value Added Tax (VAT) to our clients based on the nature of business, as well as the legal requirements and policies.


VAT Consultancy

The foremost element is to provide advisory services to our clients. The main purpose of giving advisory services is to educate our clients about the need of VAT.


VAT Assessment & Implementation

Once the consultancy is completed, the next step is to assess the need of VAT in your business structure and then focus on implementation.


Accounting & Book Keeping Services

Utilizing a cloud accounting system is the best solution to ensure update to date accounting records. It will bring accuracy in records and improve the pace of work.


Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is key as it is a reflection of your business to the clients and external stakeholders. It has to be accurate, reliable and must comply with the international.


Managerial Accounting

In contrast to financial accounting, managerial accounting is confined to the internal use only. It serves the purpose of decision making of internal management.


Accounting & ERP Software

Our services are not just for one-time events, but for the long term. With this in mind, we advise our clients on appropriate accounting and ERP systems.


Cloud-based Accounting System

The concept of cloud computing is comparable to the use of internet banking. Every time you access the internet banking options, you are accessing their cloud.